Courtyard Travel featured in Newsday, “Long Islanders make travel a grandchildren adventure”

By Cara S. Trager
Special to Newsday
May 30, 2019 7:00 PM
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*Excerpt Below*

Lisa Rudolf, a travel consultant with Courtyard Travel Ltd. in Great Neck, attributed the upswing in multigenerational travel to the growing number of “families separated by distance” — with business opportunities, climate preferences and academic studies driving kinfolk to live farther from one another than in past years.

Intergenerational travel “is a way for grandparents to get to know their grandchildren better and spend quality time together, as opposed to Skyping,” said Rudolf. “And within that trip, each generation gets a vacation with things they want to do.”

Depending on the age-appropriateness for grandchildren, Disney World, Universal Studios, national parks, all-inclusive Caribbean resorts, cruises and visits to ancestral homelands are particularly popular as intergenerational vacations, Rudolf said.

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