Dreaming of… Spain

During this crisis, we find it helpful and pleasurable to daydream of trips gone by and trips yet to come! With this in mind, we look forward to our next adventure in Spain. A land of so much variety, culture, and food, Spain is undoubtedly one of our favorite countries hands down.

Five Best Things About Spain

1. The Food

When we think of European cuisine, Italy and France get a lot of the spotlight. But Spain is easily in contention for the best food in the region. From paella to jamon serrano to the varied menu of tapas from region to region, there is endless variety in this country. With so much coastline, Spain stands as an incredible seafood country. However, with their fertile hills and farmland, they also boast incredible produce, meat, and more. Did we mention the wine?

2. The History

No country has the variety of cultures that Spain has had. Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, and so much more, Spain has an incredibly rich history of cooperation and warfare alike. Kings, Popes, gypsies, and more. The result? A country that is always changing from city to city. From the Islamic influence of the south to the traditional foundations of central Spain to the Catalonian regions of the north, traveling through this country is never dull.

3. The Art

Velazquez, El Greco, Goya, Picasso, Dali. Need we go on? Spain is home to unrivaled paintings, sculpture, architecture. Any first time trip to Spain should include visits to the Picasso museum, the Prado, and many others. On top of those, one must explore the incredible buildings and structures throughout this land.

4. The Dancing

The stereotypes are true. Spain loves to dance. Flamenco dancers are beautiful on a television screen, but one must witness this art in-person to really be believed. The gypsy culture throughout Spain, especially in the stunning city of Granada, shows off wondrous performances rooted in centuries of cave-dwelling culture. But anywhere you travel in this country, you will find a vibrant energy of dance, music, and style.

5. The Natural Beauty

Mountain ranges, canyons, beaches, eternal hills of olives and vineyards. Spain has it all. In an hour’s time, one can be winding the exciting mountains of Andalusia, then soaking in the sun of Malaga. Drive from north to south (or south to north) and you will witness all kinds of natural beauty. Bring a bathing suit and a warm jacket, because you won’t know what you’ll find.