Embark on a journey of discovery and wonder with Courtyard Travel, your New York-based luxury travel agency, as we take you to the mesmerizing landscapes of Israel. Israel is a fascinating blend of ancient traditions and modern culture, offering stunning landscapes from the rolling hills of Galilee to the sweeping Negev desert, and the iconic cityscapes of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Whether you’re seeking historical exploration, spiritual enlightenment, or the vibrant vibes of cosmopolitan cities, Israel is a destination that has something for everyone.

Courtyard Travel is committed to crafting journeys that deliver comfort, luxury, and style. Our team of experts meticulously plan your travel, arranging premium flights and securing accommodations in the finest hotels and resorts Israel has to offer. As a result of our exclusive partnerships with these establishments, our travelers enjoy unparalleled comfort and an immersive experience that paints a genuine picture of life in Israel.

Israel is a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered. Walk the ancient streets of Jerusalem, where every stone tells a story; relax on the sun-soaked beaches of Tel Aviv, the city that never sleeps; explore the Roman ruins of Caesarea, or float in the therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea. As a gastronomic powerhouse, Israel offers culinary delights that blend Middle Eastern flavors with Mediterranean classics. With Courtyard Travel, you gain access to exclusive dining experiences and gourmet culinary tours that showcase the vibrant Israeli cuisine.

Courtyard Travel elevates your vacation by curating itineraries that transcend the typical tourist offerings. We take you off the beaten path, providing you with a unique perspective of Israel’s rich culture and heritage. Visit local artisans in the artists’ village of Ein Hod, experience wine tasting in the Golan Heights, or witness the breathtaking Baha’i Gardens in Haifa. We ensure your journey through Israel becomes a memory that you’ll cherish forever. So, why wait? Let Courtyard Travel escort you on a journey of luxury and comfort to Israel, turning your travel dreams into unforgettable realities.