You’ve dreamed about it for years. Why not finally make it happen?

Now is the time, and Courtyard Travel is the company to make the dream come true. We are currently looking at incredible package offers for safari adventures all over Africa.

Take a look at some of what these packages include…

Safari Adventures

Of course what would a safari be without … a safari?
Our Courtyard team has a thorough knowledge of the very best places and companies to go on safari with. And equally as important, where not to go!

Hotels & Lodges

Just because it’s the wild, it doesn’t mean you can’t live in style! There are some gorgeous lodging options fit for royalty. The perfect way to unwind after an unforgettable day of nature.

The Wildlife

Above is a video showcasing some of the animals and natural beauty you could see on our itineraries. If you’re going on safari, do it right!


From plans to jeeps and everything in between, we make sure you take the trip YOU want. Safety, comfort, and fun. We do it all.

The Landscape

From the savannah to the forests, we want to take you to the most beautiful locales that will provide great scenery, amazing wildlife, and a whole lot of fun both day and night.

Let’s talk about your safari adventure!