Going Green at Courtyard Travel

Last week, our wonderful Courtyard Travel reusable straws arrived in the office. We love them and look forward to distributing many to our clients and friends!

This small environmental step begs an important question in our industry: how can travelers and companies become more green-friendly?

According to a recent study by the University of Sydney, global tourism accounts for 8% of all carbon emissions. A hefty number indeed!

Here are some simple steps that we as individual travelers can take to improve our environmental footprint when we travel:

Take the train

While airline and automotive travel is unavoidable at times, trains are an excellent option when possible. Trains emit less carbon emissions than airplanes or cars, and are just plain fun!

Packing and Consuming

When we’re on vacation, it’s easy to be carefree and wasteful. But utilizing simple things like reusable water bottles and recycling wherever possible, makes a big difference. Additionally, how we prepare our home makes a difference as well, unplugging devices and turning off lights while we’re away.

Eco-Friendly Companies

Brands in the travel industry are taking great steps towards providing environmentally friendly services. From hotels to cruise ships and more, so many companies today are making service changes that greatly reduce their carbon footprint. We encourage you to do a little research and utilize green-minded companies when possible!

Consider Your Destination

Certain locations are not always promoted for the right reasons. It’s important that all of us be mindful – as best we can – that we are not vacationing in areas that will be damaged by our presence there. Tourism is a fantastic boost to many locales in the world, but certain places would benefit far more from a lack of development.

Let’s talk!

We would love to speak with you about thoughts regarding this topic, and to help you plan a perfect vacation that is both fun and environmentally friendly!