Peru and the Importance of a Guided Tour

A Guided Trip Makes a Big Difference

A recent experiment was featured in the travel blog, Classic Journeys, which followed two independent tourist groups – one with a guided plan, one without – and studied how the experiences compared with one another.

The Result?

The study found a significant difference between the two experiences, ranging from mild inconveniences at the hotel and elsewhere, to larger changes and cancellations at important locations. It was the experience and preparation of a guided tour that made the difference!

Some of the Benefits of a Guided Tour:

Hotels will be ready for you.
Concierge will be expecting your arrival. Hotel check-ins are faster, more organized, and friendlier.

Sites and destinations will be ready for you.
Just like hotels, many tourist spots can be given advance notice for your arrival, expediting your check-in and event preparation.

No more restaurant hunting.
How many trips have been derailed by endless restaurant searching? Guides will eliminate the pressure and stress of locating a nice dining option with hungry kids (or adults!)

Detours and Plan Bs!
Things happen. Traffic, cancellations, poor weather, delayed flights. You name it. A guided tour can quickly take a bump in the road and fix it. This can be done by finding detours or visiting new places that are every bit as enjoyable. Knowing the place goes a long way.

Things you never thought of.
Sure, some Google homework will help you on your trip, but you won’t learn about the hidden good stuff. Only an experienced guided tour can get you to the real experience. From restaurants to tourist spots off the beaten track, a guide will find you things you never would have found on your own.

The Takeaways.

The guided trip was much better. Plans were kept, hotels were ready, and detours were prepared. Remember: a guided trip does not lack adventure, it merely avoids problems and increases your chance of having more fun! 

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