Give those Italian standards a rest. Puglia is where you want to be. As the beautiful ‘heel’ of the Italian coast, this region offers the art of Rome, the culture of Venice, and the cuisine of Florence. There are natural wonders, unmatched beaches, and a history as rich as anywhere else in Italy and beyond.

One Big Difference

Puglia doesn’t have everything that those typical Italian hotspots do. Namely, the crowds! While this coastal paradise is by no means a secret, Puglia does benefit from a little more space and peace than areas like Sicily and Tuscany. Here, you can have a proper Italian vacation, free from many of the tourists and chaos elsewhere.

Culture and Natural Beauty

Having served a pivotal role in Italy’s history, Puglia is filled with churches, artwork, and historical locales tracing back to ancient rulers of all kinds.

Meanwhile, once you’re ready for a break from art class, Enjoy the many beaches and breathtaking vistas that the coast of Puglia has to offer.

Romance and Families

Puglia is a premier honeymoon destination. Exquisite culinary experiences, fantastic wine, and picturesque hotel views make this spot an astounding post-wedding or anniversary location.

Meanwhile, for busier families, there is enough ocean and village activities to easily fill a family schedule. Your children will learn about art, food, and fun while soaking in the sun and sand of those lovely Italian shores.

The Opportunity

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